Fringe News: Seth Gabel Promoted to Series Regular

Seth Gabel, the actor portraying Lincoln Lee (and, well, Lincolnate) in the science fiction series Fringe, has been promoted to go full-time in the show’s fourth season, according to TV Line.

I haven’t seen the Fringe finale yet, but if it gets the awesome Seth Gabel injecting all his awesomeness into our nerdy Lincoln Lee and the Red Universe’s bad-ass Lincolnate, I’m a happy idiot.

"I'm awesome."

I guess it was a matter of time, though, as the writers of Fringe┬ámade it pretty clear that FBI Agent Lee would be returning to help our team solve the “mysteries of the universe” – they just did not specify in what capacity. Could this mean that he would be leaving Hartford to be a permanent part of the Fringe Division? Maybe. He wouldn’t be a bad addition – he practically solved the case in the ‘Stowaway’ episode.

"But... I'm awesome, too."

But then, what about Lincolnate, head honcho of Over There’s Fringe Division? I don’t know if the show would be willing to sacrifice characters they fought so hard to make three-dimensional, so I’m guessing there would be “another way,” as Peter would say. I’ll update this as soon as I figure out what the hell is going to happen next season.

As of now, though, I’m ECSTATIC. More Lincoln Lee! <happy dance>