This is the last of the “Artist’s Blogs That I Stumbled Upon One Day” Series. Of course, this is actually the first one I found. Go figure.

Anyway, I got this from Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway) (you can visit it here), a blog created by Alex Noriega, a Barcelona artist . I was combing through somebody’s tumblr site when I found a little gem of his (I forget which). The rest, as they say, is history.

I really enjoy his stuff, and that may be largely because of the words that go with them. His art makes me think of nostalgia, of children – and maybe I should have been a child when I learned about most of the stuff he says. It would have saved me a hell of a lot of heartbreak.

But I guess that’s the charm, really, of Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway) – if you knew what you needed when you needed to, the stories behind each life lesson would not be as poignant or as interesting. And, of course, the process is half the fun.

These are not the only things on Alex’s blog, though – he also posts stuff about his life, like the time he was a janitor in Holland (I think this is true), and stuff on the things he thinks about, which is, weirdly enough, very similar to the things I like to think about myself.

If I were to describe it (since I’ve done this kind of thing in all of my previous posts here), I guess I would say Alex’s blog is for smiling really widely. It makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one crashing through everything.



I’ve been way behind on my Pictures series, so here is the fourth blog I stumbled upon (but the third one I’m featuring – I know, it’s kind of confusing) that fateful time ago.

This work of art came from Joe Quinones’s blog (you can find it here), and, well, all I can say is that there is plenty more where that came from.


I’ve been saying in my previous posts that I go to Liz’s and Maris’ blogs to laugh my ass off – well, I go to Joe’s blog to drop my jaw. All of his drawings are beautiful and exceptionally real, and the colors and rendering just blow my mind away.

If I really had to choose, I guess I could say that I like Joe’s art the most of the four, but I find the others’ subject matters more interesting. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying anything bad about the various icons of comics that pop up in Joe’s art. I actually adore a lot of them. It’s just that I find real life and quirky humor a bit more to my taste, which is probably why my favorite part of his blog are the photobooth sections.

Oh, before you ask, that woman photobombing that last photo is Maris. Yeah, previously-featured-in-‘4’-Maris. She and Joe apparently live together, with Liz in the same general vicinity. I think that is ridiculously awesome.

Anyway, I love reading these sections because they talk about how it is to be a comic book artist. He talks about what materials he uses, why he chose this particular expression for so-and-so’s face, how he came up with that kind of rendering for that particular picture – you get the point. It is pretty meta, but I like meta.

Again, AWESOME artists (that bring out my hidden insecurities, but, hey, whatever).

P.S. These were just too fantastic to not post. He drew DEATH for crying out loud.


Laughed my ass off here...

... then fell off my chair laughing here.

I guess I just love the fact that I didn’t know where these comics were going until the last panel. Either that, or I have a really twisted sense of humor.


I think I’ll go with the surprise ending (although I do have a SOMEWHAT twisted sense of humor) version to my story.

Anyway, Maris Wicks is the author of the second blog up here (which you can visit here), and the third blog I stumbled upon during my link-hopping adventures.

I don’t know. I find it amazingly interesting that she and Liz Prince (author of the blog featured in ‘3’ of my Pictures series) are friends, and I find it even more awesome that they pop up in each others’ work sometimes. I really can’t explain it – maybe it’s because I don’t have people to do stuff with? Again, only child thing. Although, it does make me sound EXTREMELY PATHETIC. Which I am not. Of course, the need to reiterate this slightly proves my point, but, yeah. I’M NOT PATHETIC.

<cries in a corner>

They have a similar style to me, although Maris has one that is slightly more mainstream. I can’t tell you which one I prefer, but it’s a mood thing. Do I want to laugh my ass off? Maris. Laugh continuously? Liz.

Still, awesome artists. Enough said.

P.S. Just so you know these aren’t the only things Maris draws. (Aside: Superheroes. Playing. Sports. AWESOMENESS.)

Wonder Woman jumping rope. Damn. Another thing I envy her for.

So that's where his shield-chucking skills come from.


(Now I understand why some people can’t get off the Internet. Sigh.)

I was reading this one blog this one time (near the vague place wearing my ambiguous thing) when I stumbled upon this chain of blogs made by really cool people with ridiculously brilliant art. Seriously. It’s all funny as hell, too.

So, for the next few days I’ll be posting some of their work here on my blog, with a link if you want some more of their gorgeous stuff.

It’s disturbing how much I can relate to this.

Again, it's disturbing how much I can relate to this. (Liz Prince, if ever you're reading this, high five.)

The second blog I stumbled upon was Liz Prince’s (you can find her blog here, and her site here), but I mention her first here because it’s eerie how much I can relate to what she draws about. Scary even. Add that to the fact that when she draws herself in her comics, that person looks like ME. I wish I was kidding.

I don’t know. I like how slice-of-life her drawings are, and especially the fact that she draws herself in them. It’s like reading a diary, and from a person who never kept a diary (but sincerely wanted/tried to), I find it extremely cool.


(I just discovered cracked.com. Sorry.)

The Photography section today features pictures from the Photoplasty section over on cracked.com, in particular their slideshow entitled ‘If Classic Movies Were Remade By Michael Bay.’ Enjoy.

I sound like a waiter. Sigh.

E.T. phones - BOOM.

I can just imagine it. E.T. and Elliott are flying serenely across the sky, and just when the bicycle reaches the center of the screen, framing the moon perfectly – catastrophic explosion. Instant classic.

Carpe diem motherfuckers.

I just know Poe will be the bad-ass, Shakespeare will be the hero-born-to-lead, and Milton will be the crazy, kooky dude spouting philosophies all over the place. I CAN FEEL IT.

Bloodstained Wall-E. Whoa. I cannot believe I just typed that.

The clear winner in my book. Plus, the actual movie has some pretty good audio of Wall-E shouting “EVE-uh!” already – just a shot of her in his arms while he wails that to the sky, and it’s Michael Bay all the way.



This takes 'milk bath' to a whole new level.

I don’t know. In my random Flickr traveling I stumbled upon this picture, and flashbacks of childhood came rushing through my head, all warm and sunny and muddled. Also: I love the fact that there are cornflakes on the little Cubee (I don’t know what it’s called exactly, this kind of doll/figure, but I call them Cubees, after my first experience with them over on cubeecraft.com). It’s just so adorable.


Standing room only.

Standing room only. I love that line (why, I really don’t know) and coupled with this picture, I love the added dimension of what it means.


I don't know what this car is, but I want one.


A Thousand Words

I love photography – in another life, it probably would be one of my life’s passions, along with film-making – but this is not the reason why I’m introducing this category of my blog.

I was the editor-in-chief of my newspaper in high school (I’m not bragging, this has a point), and one of my slight frustrations during my term was our photographs. I do not know, I guess the crazy obsessive part of me just took a cue from all the artsy things I was into during that time, and whispered stuff like “this part is too red,” or “this has too much text – we need color!” to my general operating system. Needless to say, I was happy about the finished product, but I wasn’t satisfied.

So it is not so surprising that, after I did my cursory glance at what my blog looks like at the moment, crazy obsessive Soapbox Idiot woke up and kicked my ass.

That is why I have this, to spice things up a bit. But, in retrospect, it is also a great opportunity for me to share what I like to the world, and also talk about things I would be hard-pressed to explain in black and white.

Let the games begin.