Soapbox Idiot is a name that has been around for centuries, down generations of heroes and great men of science and the arts, and all of this is so obviously hogwash that I’m surprised I’m even doing it. Seriously – I’m looking at the mirror and I can see my face with the raised eyebrows and half-open mouth and everything.

Now, before you get any ideas, my name is a pseudonym – I was not brought into this world by a Mr. and Mrs. Idiot, nor was my nickname in high school Soapie. To most of you out there, I’m sure this is pretty obvious, but sometimes obvious things need to be pointed out.

I can’t tell you much, but these are the real bits:

1. I live in the Philippines, so don’t be surprised if I sneak in a brief tirade against Willie Revillame or Jake Cuenca (UPDATE: I dislike Mariel Rodriguez more now.) and a longish rant on some article I saw in the news.

2. I study medicine. Unless I don’t anymore, in which case I will tell you.

3. I’m kind of crazy, but, come on – didn’t you know that already? (Note: If you didn’t, well, YOU WILL. I promise.)

Now that is done, read on. Welcome to my world.


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