A Few Pieces of Advice, for the Traveler at the End of the World

(This was supposed to be an exercise with some friends. We were walking home one night, wondering why the road home was shorter than the road beyond, and I thought we should write something about the mystery. This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to – I wanted to write something about Enigma filling in for Mystery at Universe’s office – but most things never do.)

1. You’ll always leave parts of yourself behind.

That much is true.

But you’ll always take things as well.

You will take breaths.

You will take steps.

You will take things apart.

You will take things away.

You will take forever to understand.

But that’s okay.


2. Roads going to places are always longer than roads coming from them.

Also, the journey to somewhere is more remembered than the journey back.

You will have to remember that.

Know when to treat a place as a destination or as a starting point.


3. People change their minds.

It is normal.

Just remember that you are always free to try and change them back.

Sometimes they do.


4. Friendships are not bridges to other people.

They are more like ramps.

You need one at each end to make the thing work.

Or else.


5. Sometimes we fall.

People always say that it’s about how we stand up, but sometimes that isn’t the case.

Sometimes we need to fall to get to where we need to be.


6. Love too much.

It will hurt like hell.

But it is the only way.


7. Most people leave.

Some stay.


8. Finish what is on your plate.

You might not be able to feed the children in Africa or whatever they will say, but you can at least have the decency to realize that there is a difference.

Always be grateful.


9. Every form of measurement is arbitrary.


10. Your choices make the world.

Be careful.


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