Kids These Days

I was sitting on the bus, minding my own business, when I noticed that the two kids beside me were munching on a lot of food. The girl used the box on her lap to gain leverage over the last bits of tamarind sugar in the yellow cellophane, while the boy chewing marshmallows while holding the multicolored wrapper. It was otherwise the normal scene when a family boards the bus.

Then, as if in unison, the children beside me held their sweets wrappers, and threw them under the chair in front of us. Underneath the chair, there was also a mound of wafer wrappers and tissue paper, most likely coming from them.

It was saddening to say the least. More so since the kids’ parents were in plain view of whatever their young ones were doing.

Alas, I am nobody’s parent, and I do not look like I have the authority to reprimand anyone – and so I just kept my mouth shut, and transferred seats as quickly as I could.

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