On The Shipping Business

I am a shipper.

<hangs head>

I wasn’t always like this. I mean, I still remember a time when I didn’t care who people ended up with, a golden era when I actually enjoyed it when writers (and the people in question themselves) took things differently.

Though, in retrospect, I think I was that way because I did not know how to take sides. I had no favorites, no single stand. Of course, I had to grow out of it sometime.

But I was not expecting to grow into this.

Now, I cannot stop picking a pairing, worrying if they will finally get together (for canon), stressing about why they cannot see that they are perfect together (for crack). It is distracting, to say the least.

Plus, I have learned to squee.

Me. Squeeing.



Well, the upside to this whole thing is that I (finally) know when things work or not.

If I were the same as before, Raj and Penny (from The Big Bang Theory) hooking up would be met with a “cool.”

Now, let’s just say it is definitely not cool.


Also, I get to appreciate well-crafted pairings more.

To the point that I obsess sometimes, but at least I get to enjoy obsessing, right?



Oh well. Back to staring at people staring at each other.


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