Before the Storm

It’s interesting, really. For the whole of this summer, I’ve been saying how much I miss school (cue audible gasp). Now, here I am, 11 hours and 36 minutes before meeting my soon-to-be classmates (also: soon-to-be friends, enemies, and acquaintances), and I’m pleading with the gods of the universe to please, just this once, stop time, prolong summer, have a random typhoon out of nowhere (wherein no property is damaged and no lives are lost) – just so I could have a bit more time to process this.

Of course, the universe just sagely replies that I should have done that instead of moping around the house, and then proceeds to brush me off until my next crazy request.

Sigh. Medicine proper, here I come.

<deer-in-headlights mode>

I have been watching The Big Bang Theory for the past few days. I am pretty late (if you can even call four years late anymore) in arriving to this show, and, frankly, I really just started watching it because a) I needed something to do, and b) my friends swear by its funniness (I don’t know if this is a word).

I must admit, it is a pretty hilarious show. I even laughed aloud at some of the jokes and gags (I’m not creepy and depressed – I just don’t laugh aloud a lot when I watch things by myself). But then, I find myself thinking that it was slightly better during its first season, when the main characters had more or less the same relevance to each episode – the way the show has evolved made sure that it had the draw of Sheldon Cooper (even doubling him, in fact, in the form of Amy Farrah Fowler) while kind of downsizing the moments of other characters, frequently calling them in just to act as Sheldon’s foil.

Also, the earlier seasons had jokes that made fun of highly intelligent people and normal people, with all their quirks, and with all our quirks that we just do not notice (I recall the ‘expensive urine’ scene in a first season episode – funny, yes, but really true at the same time). Now, I feel like the show has limited itself somewhat to comments on sci-fi fandom, crazy Grey’s Anatomy-esque bed-hopping, and sex/fart jokes.

I guess I do enjoy it, just not as immensely as other people. Although the potential just about kills me.

I recently stumbled upon a new Korean drama called Lie to Me. It’s a pretty basic love story – Girl lies that she and Guy are married because of frenemy, Guy first resists but finds out he needs Girl to make business deal push through, yadda yadda, let the games begin. The plot is kind of plodding along, with nothing I really haven’t seen before. Since I know myself as a kind of person who primarily likes shows that reinvent genres, I found myself incredibly surprised when I became really invested in it.

I asked myself, why?

Myself answered, CHEMISTRY.

The chemistry between the two leads is insane – the kind of chemistry that you find your attachment bleeding out into real life and onto the actors themselves. I’ve never found a series that drew me in and made me stay by the strength of its pairing alone (a bit of clearing up: Bones is a show that makes me stay for the pairing, but, a long, long time ago, it drew me in by the cool science). I don’t know how it will end up, but as of now, the experience has been very interesting – since I have no expectations on the plot and whatsoever, I just allow myself to enjoy the interactions the two have with each other.

I might not be able to post as frequently as I have from here on out, what with school starting and everything. But I will try my best.

Thanks for the great summer, everybody!



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