‘The Hunger Games’ News: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in EW Cover

Well, hallelujah. What’s great about this cover (you can see EW’s article here) is that it fits what the audience needs perfectly. Ever since Jennifer Lawrence was cast the role of Katniss Everdeen, a lot of people – including me – have had a hard time imagining the beautiful blonde bombshell to be the beautiful-yet-dangerous Girl on Fire.

A bow and arrow just doesn't fit, does it?

I know she is a brilliant actress – you don’t get tons of accolades and an Academy Award nomination if you’re not up to snuff. However, the question really is about her being the right kind of actress. Although many have pointed to her role as Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone as sufficient reference for that, I still found myself pretty ambivalent.

Well, basically, I’m a believer now.

I just wish that they would decide to show pictures of what Peeta looks like (in my head, Josh Hutcherson can never be blonde) as well as Gale (in my head, Liam Hemsworth cannot be Gale) next. I’ll be watching the movie at any rate, but since I am sold on everybody now except these two, I hope the people down at the Hunger Games headquarters would go for a home run as soon as they can.


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