I’ve been way behind on my Pictures series, so here is the fourth blog I stumbled upon (but the third one I’m featuring – I know, it’s kind of confusing) that fateful time ago.

This work of art came from Joe Quinones’s blog (you can find it here), and, well, all I can say is that there is plenty more where that came from.


I’ve been saying in my previous posts that I go to Liz’s and Maris’ blogs to laugh my ass off – well, I go to Joe’s blog to drop my jaw. All of his drawings are beautiful and exceptionally real, and the colors and rendering just blow my mind away.

If I really had to choose, I guess I could say that I like Joe’s art the most of the four, but I find the others’ subject matters more interesting. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying anything bad about the various icons of comics that pop up in Joe’s art. I actually adore a lot of them. It’s just that I find real life and quirky humor a bit more to my taste, which is probably why my favorite part of his blog are the photobooth sections.

Oh, before you ask, that woman photobombing that last photo is Maris. Yeah, previously-featured-in-‘4’-Maris. She and Joe apparently live together, with Liz in the same general vicinity. I think that is ridiculously awesome.

Anyway, I love reading these sections because they talk about how it is to be a comic book artist. He talks about what materials he uses, why he chose this particular expression for so-and-so’s face, how he came up with that kind of rendering for that particular picture – you get the point. It is pretty meta, but I like meta.

Again, AWESOME artists (that bring out my hidden insecurities, but, hey, whatever).

P.S. These were just too fantastic to not post. He drew DEATH for crying out loud.


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