Presidential Acts

(This was supposed to end differently. The president was supposed to make an announcement first – that he was going to sell his country – before the ending happens. But maybe that kind of thing needs more than a hundred words, don’t you think? Also, there are a few similarities between this and Consequences – another story – but I think that this makes a different point.)

The president opens his eyes. It is the morning of, and his heart races – not because of fear, he realizes, but because of excitement. His country was about to have peace.

He sits up slowly, and remains perched on the edge of the bed, waiting. He checks his clock – it is 6:10 AM – when he hears the four-note tune. It happens now.

He stands up, and opens the door to the balcony. In another time, thousands of people would have been shouting his name, giving praises to the Bringer of Peace.

Maybe it will come again.

A shot is heard.


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