Laughed my ass off here...

... then fell off my chair laughing here.

I guess I just love the fact that I didn’t know where these comics were going until the last panel. Either that, or I have a really twisted sense of humor.


I think I’ll go with the surprise ending (although I do have a SOMEWHAT twisted sense of humor) version to my story.

Anyway, Maris Wicks is the author of the second blog up here (which you can visit here), and the third blog I stumbled upon during my link-hopping adventures.

I don’t know. I find it amazingly interesting that she and Liz Prince (author of the blog featured in ‘3’ of my Pictures series) are friends, and I find it even more awesome that they pop up in each others’ work sometimes. I really can’t explain it – maybe it’s because I don’t have people to do stuff with? Again, only child thing. Although, it does make me sound EXTREMELY PATHETIC. Which I am not. Of course, the need to reiterate this slightly proves my point, but, yeah. I’M NOT PATHETIC.

<cries in a corner>

They have a similar style to me, although Maris has one that is slightly more mainstream. I can’t tell you which one I prefer, but it’s a mood thing. Do I want to laugh my ass off? Maris. Laugh continuously? Liz.

Still, awesome artists. Enough said.

P.S. Just so you know these aren’t the only things Maris draws. (Aside: Superheroes. Playing. Sports. AWESOMENESS.)

Wonder Woman jumping rope. Damn. Another thing I envy her for.

So that's where his shield-chucking skills come from.


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