(Now I understand why some people can’t get off the Internet. Sigh.)

I was reading this one blog this one time (near the vague place wearing my ambiguous thing) when I stumbled upon this chain of blogs made by really cool people with ridiculously brilliant art. Seriously. It’s all funny as hell, too.

So, for the next few days I’ll be posting some of their work here on my blog, with a link if you want some more of their gorgeous stuff.

It’s disturbing how much I can relate to this.

Again, it's disturbing how much I can relate to this. (Liz Prince, if ever you're reading this, high five.)

The second blog I stumbled upon was Liz Prince’s (you can find her blog here, and her site here), but I mention her first here because it’s eerie how much I can relate to what she draws about. Scary even. Add that to the fact that when she draws herself in her comics, that person looks like ME. I wish I was kidding.

I don’t know. I like how slice-of-life her drawings are, and especially the fact that she draws herself in them. It’s like reading a diary, and from a person who never kept a diary (but sincerely wanted/tried to), I find it extremely cool.

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