Life Support

(I think that there is this unspoken agreement within the medical world, or maybe even the world in general, that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is not a kiss – it is a procedure with the primary aim of giving life. Of course, my idiot mind replies: so why not a kiss?)

For the first time in her life she resented the fact that she was off-duty – she had nothing whatsoever to keep his blood from spilling all over the pavement. All she can do is put her hands over the wounds. She knows – he doesn’t stand a chance.

He says something – Linda, is it? She shakes her head, no, that is not her name, her name is –

I love you. The sentence hangs in the silence – the final words of a dying man.

She hesitates, and then smiles. I love you, too, she says, and she covers his mouth with hers.

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