(I was reading a teen magazine – unlike me, I know – when I stumbled upon a Things To Do This Summer list. Long story short, I found out about, and wanted to do something like it, but without the stress of having to consistently write 100 words everyday for a month without the luxury of being able to write ahead or make up for lost days. Of course, that is the point of subscribing to the the site in the first place, but I guess I just wanted to not know the feeling of being mightily pissed if all my work went down the drain because of crappy Internet service. Anyway, my 100 Words project starts here. I hope you like it.)

The clock ticks loudly, sending an almost tangible feeling of time passing down Jane’s spine. She is looking out the window, watching as the children play across the street on this wonderful Saturday afternoon.

The steam wafts up from the tea she is drinking, and she inhales slowly, breathing in the smell of spices, forcing her to remember a time when her dreams extended far beyond the corners of the house she is in, when she could go anywhere, do anything, be anyone.

Jane raises the mug to her lips and drinks slowly, pushing the sob back down her throat.

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