Hello, I’m Sorry, Thank You

I’ve written a lot of these first blog posts, but I guess it is the first time I started with an outright apology.

You see, on my last blog I made a lot of promises, all of them vaguely like pledges made by couples torn apart by spatial discontinuity:

1. I promise that I will stick to this blog.

2. I promise that I will write a lot, about everything and anything.

3. I promise that I will make this blog work.

Now, if you changed the word “blog” to “relationship” and added an “I love you” at the end for good measure, this little list would probably become the template for the start of every long-distance relationship ever.

It is obvious that by making this blog I broke those promises I made, and I’m really sorry about that, but I guess I had some pretty pressing concerns. For one, I acted like the Idiot that I am and put my real name (you know, the parent-given one) in as the blog name (which you cannot change using the blog provider I picked). At first I didn’t think much of it, but when I really started writing I found myself thinking a lot about who was going to read these posts, and how I would like others to know that it was so obviously me who wrote them. Needless to say, the thought was not really very attractive, and if you add in the particularly urban-legend-worthy story of a student who was almost not allowed to graduate because of some words typed in the comment section of a blog, well, let’s just say that I was afraid, VERY afraid.

The other concern was that I really did not have the time to write during the semester I made that blog, so the ideas pretty much fizzled out before I even got to typing them. When I had some time to try typing some ideas out, the universe picked that particular day to explain its fundamental rule of “s*** happens,” and so when the Internet died on me (which is a pretty frequent occurrence) all my words went and disappeared into cyberspace. And, and…

Yeah, I sound like a baby.

Before I completely eradicate whatever ethos you have for me, hello there, I’m really sorry about this, thank you for being here.

Let the games begin.


One thought on “Hello, I’m Sorry, Thank You

  1. Hey, I read EVERY POST. You’re a brilliant writer. Keep it up. It’s ironic, isn’t it? That I’m leaving a comment on your FIRST post? But I swear, I read it all. I just ended up here. You see, I don’t have enough time to leave a comment for each post. But maybe someday, I will.

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